Wednesday, September 2, 2009

3rd Time is a Charm, Our Last Cancelled Day

Well, today was our last "day off" due to the Station Fire. This was a less eventful day. No more fires could be seen on the hillside thank goodness. The two pictures below are "before and after" shots of the hillside above school. In the first photo, which I posted two days ago, you can see the lush green hills as the fire was approaching from the other side. In the second photo, taken today, you can see that the hills have been turned completely gray. Hardly a plant was left standing. It is a bit hard to tell from these small images but if you click on them you can see it a bit better.
We are all very lucky to still have our houses and our school to return to. Others in this fire have been less fortunate. I think we are all excited to be returning to school and a bit of normal life.

Just for fun I have added a time lapse video that Laura and I made from our backyard. The news kept showing time lapse videos so I wanted to see if I could get some press with mine. So far I don't think it has been shown on any news stations but it has had a lot of views on Youtube. Check it out:


arin abramovich sarkissian said...

WOW! You have a good view of that fire.No offense, but why did you put that wierd music?Anyway, I have a question. Were you standing there that whole time videotaping? If you were, didn't you get bored or tired?Well, nice video.

Unknown said...

On the day sabrina got evacuated i was at jonnas house. i heard that north of orange and east of pennsilvaynia was evacuated. i was so scared because i live on a street directly under orange Reta St. i started crying and went home from jonnas house because i thought we were going to evacuate. we didn't...