Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Met Huell Howser

On Sunday I got to meet one of my many childhood heros, Huell Howser. That's right Huell Howser. Are you more surprised that I met him or that he is my childhood hero? Huell Howser is best known for his T.V. show on PBS, "California's Gold." I used to watch this show every weekend. One of the reasons why I love California history is because of this great program.
Huell has been just about everywhere in California interviewing people about anything he can think of. I am pretty sure that there isn't a place I have been in California that he has not done a show on, or at least it seems that way. His travels inspire me and make me want to go to all of the same places.

I got to meet this man because he was speaking in Irvine and my wife's parents got tickets for us all to go. In his speech he talked about his life and how he ended up in California doing a show about California. He was very funny and had a great outlook on life. I was honored to get the chance to speak to him and shake his hand.

Have you ever met someone famous who you admire for their accomplishments? Post a comment and tell us about it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to School Night

Thank you so much for coming to Back to School Night.  I enjoyed meeting all of you.  I would like to introduce you to my new Blog site.  Please add this site to your favorites so you can stay up-to-date on all of our important class info.  

Feel free to post any questions that may not have been answered tonight.


I look forward to partnering with all of you.