Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mission Report Part I Sample

DUE: Friday, Januray 30

The following is a sample of Part I of the Mission Report. Please remember that this should be used as a guide and not copied word for word. Your Part I needs to include information that is specific and true to your mission. You may paraphrase some of the sentences here but the information must be about your mission.

Have you ever been to one of the California Missions? Let me tell you about my favorite mission, Mission San Francisco Solano. This mission is located in the Coastal Region of California just north of San Francisco Bay. It was founded by Father Altimira. The Spanish missionaries needed to start this mission because the land at Mission Dolores was no longer fertile and could not grow crops. The purpose of the mission was to teach the natives about the Catholic Religion. Mission San Francisco Solano was the last mission to be founded in Alta California. The mission founded before this mission was Mission San Rafael. Water for Mission San Francisco Solano was obtained from many natural springs that were all around the mission. The fertile land around the mission provided crops for growing food so that the people of the mission could eat. All of these crops surrounded the beautiful buildings and structures that made up the mission grounds.

Great Mission Web Sites

I told the class that I would post some websites were they can find information for thier mission reports. Please remember that the internet should not be your only source of information. The students are required to use books and encyclopedias as well. Also, don't forget to write down the web address where you find any information as well as the time and date that you found it.

Happy Surfing

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