Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New writing resources hit home!

By now you have received your copy of the Tuesday Night Writing Parent Handbook. Students are also now using their Tuesday Night Writing folders. This is a sign that our writing program is in full swing in the fourth grade.

We are very excited to have the Parent Handbook this year that can be used at home for many purposes. Be sure to look inside to find a multitude of checklists and rubrics which help you understand what fourth grade writing should look and sound like. Not only will this resource be helpful for Tuesday Night Writing assignments but also for any writing that is being done at home.

Remember that Tuesday Night writing is assigned every Tuesday evening. These assignments might involve prewriting, drafting, publishing, or even a whole writing process to be done in one evening. Assignments will usually be related to our current science or social science instruction. It is not our goal to bog down our students with these assignments but to expand our writing instruction by bringing it into the home. Here are some tips and guidelines for having great TNW assignments:

- Write all final drafts in your best cursive (No typing please)
- Work must be completed by the student
- Parents assist by helping student to understand the writing assignment
- Email, post a comment, or call early if there is a question about an assignment
- Remove distractions in the home when writing is being done
- Don't wait until the last minute to do your writing
- Homework passes cannot be used on TNW
- Have fun with it. Writing is a very enjoyable exercises.


Anonymous said...

I think the new folders are so cool.
It's going to help us with writing a lot.
It's neat you have a blog.
Thanks so much your just the teacher I wanted.


Laura said...

Tag! You're it!

Anonymous said...

I love the website. I love that you dont have to take your books home. when I go to afterschool, I can't use the computer for any homework. when I go home my backpack is big,heavy,and puffed up. I hope we dont have to take any tests or quizes this week.
^0^ Cloyie...

Anonymous said...

What does Laura mean when she says tag your it.
If you mean were playing a game of tag well tag your it.


Allyson #18 said...

The TNW is very helpful to everyone,not everyone, but the whole school.It helps you improve your writing skills.whoever thoght of the TNW idea, they had a great thought.All though writing in cursive is tiring, it is like a massage.