Thursday, October 16, 2008

Get AR information at home!

Become a more informed parent.

Now you can view your child's academic progress online (via the Accelerated Reader Program).

It's called Home Connect:
Home Connect builds a bridge between school and home and keeps parents informed of their child's progress toward Accelerated Reader goals. This useful information will not only keep you up to date on AR points as well as books your child is reading, it will also motivate them to read even more!

I encourage you to visit the website and view your child's information. It is totally awesome!

Just copy and paste this link into your browser and you are good to go:

or click HERE

You will need to enter your child's ID# and password. If you have misplaced the information just email me and I will send it to you.

Please post comments of how this program has improved reading at your home. We would love to hear your stories.


Anonymous said...

When we tried to access the website it said our login was disabled from this location?

Anonymous said...

um yea I went too I agree with Jenna it does say our login was disabled from our location. What do I do Mr.Laing?

Anonymous said...

help us or tell us at school please Mr. Laing.

Esther kim

Mr. Laing said...

If you are blocked at home just contact Ms. Owen at the school and she can unblock you.

Anonymous said...

This is #32 Sabrina. I really like to use the ar website so I know how many points that I have earned this year. I'm trying to reach my gaol!. It is so fun useing the website. by

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther
I really miss you ! Why did you have to leave? Whenever Mr. laing sees your stuff he pretends to cry. We all miss you.sabrina white.By