Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forgot your book at school? No problem!

Did you know that you can find your child's Science and Social Science Textbooks online?
It is easy and can even save your child the trouble of lugging around heavy books.

For science just click this link:

Just click on the book cover for fourth grade. This will lead you to all sorts of activities to help your child learn more about their current science lessons.
In order to view the actual textbook just click on this link and enter the login info found below:
Username: casci04
Password: redwood

For Social Science it is just as easy.
Click on this link:

Simply click on the " For Students" tab (on the left side) and enter our class code: Owen2007

You will get a list of the textbooks in grade order. Just click on fourth grade.

Both of these sites have games and extra resources to help your children expand there knowledge in the sciences. How great is it to live in this day and age where your child's books can be found on your computer. My back still hurts from carrying all of my books around as a youth.

Please comment to this post and let us know how this resource has been helpful for your family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Laing,

Darius forgot his Social Studies book last night and it was really cool to be able go online and access the information to answer the workbook questions. I found myself inquisitively scrolling through the pages to learn more about tortoises than I ever knew.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Laing,
Thank you for making this information to easily available!

What an awesome resource! To not only have the pages of his Sociel Studies text book, but animation for his science book? What a great thing to just suppliment regular reading!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Laing,
Thanks for all you hard work on the blog. Jenna forgot her Social Science book the night before the test and was very relived to find the book online. (She was also relieved they were able to use their study notes!) It was an invaluable resource that saved us a lot of stress. Kym Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Laing,
I forgot my book for studying the science test. So I went to the online science book. It was helpful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Laing,
I forgot my science book at school last Thursday. I was very relieved to find my book online. Thanks to that I got a 4 plus on my test.

Anonymous said...

Last night I forgot my book last night.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Laing,
In January I forgot my social studies book. It was late and I went to your blog and I found my social studies book.I got a perfect score.Thanks for having our social studies and science books.bye!Sabrina White#32

ye chan said...

Mr.Laing the social study thing in my computer is not working