Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter Trip to Mammoth

Before Christmas, Laura and I got the chance to go to Mammoth for a couple of days. We spent most of our time in the small town you see in this picture, Crawley Lake. Laura's uncle lives there. We went with Laura's parents and with Sandy, their adorable border collie who you've met before. I called her snowdog the whole trip. You will see why later.
We did all sorts of fun things on the trip. We did not ski or snowboard but we did go snowshoeing, site seeing, shopping, and of course had plently of snowplay. Here is a great video of Laura having fun in the snow.

Haven't you always wanted to do that? As you can see, we had a lot of fun in the snow, even though it was so cold the whole time we were there. Since we had the snow dog with us, it was my goal to get her to play with me in the snow. This dog usually spends her days laying around the house sleeping. Let's just say that the snow wasn't her favorite thing. This video speaks for itself.

Did you go on any interesting trips over break or do anything exciting? Tell us about it.

No dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post


Anonymous said...

Wow Mr.Laing you must had fun at Mammoth.
I have three question to ask about your trip.1: Did you see a horse hooked to a coach? 2:What kind of fast food or resturaunt did you go to? 3:What is the most funnest thing you did there? Ok these are my three questions I am only going to ask. But guess what! Today I went to Big Bear Mountain! Boy it was super, duper, mega, exploxive FUN!

Your student,
Mirsol Kim

P.S. Did you know that my dad told me that Mammoth is more bigger and wider than Big Bear Mountain?

Allyson Kim said...

Hi Mr. Laing! It is Allyson Kim from your class last year. I want to say that you are really lucky to go to Mammoth. I wanted to go there but my parents wouldn't let me.

P.S: Mr. Laing, cool new website! I didn't see that. You could've done this last year so I could look up my homework~