Friday, October 16, 2009

Pupil Free Day Fun for Teachers

So you might be wondering what all of us teachers do on your pupil free days.  Well, today we got to do art!  We learned all about our new art program that we just got this year.  It is called "Arts Attack."  Here are some of our teachers completing their line monsters.

This is a picture of my line monster.  He has a saw blade nose and flames for hair.  We had tons of fun and leaned how to do some great art projects that I can't wait to do with our class. They are planning to display all of the teacher art in the auditorium.  Be sure to look for these great masterpieces. 

Have you ever done an art project that you just loved.  Tell us about it.  Who knows, maybe we will try it in our class???


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lea said...

wow nice blade
i loved mr. macs and mrs masherios( i dont really know her name that well)